On 7 May 2019, we held our third Member’s Night at The Screening Room. This coincided with Minterest operations turning 2!

Thank you Members for joining us in your investment journey and we were very glad to connect with our members through this event.

Setting Up

setting up for members' night Minterest Members' Night

The strong men at work!

members registration members registration

After completing the set up, we proceed on with the registration and guided the new members through the signing up process.

Starting It Off

welcome speech by CoF and CEO, Charis Liau Team Minterest

Firstly, we started off with a welcome speech by our Co-Founder and CEO, Charis Liau as she shares about our Minterest story. We hope you enjoyed the short video regarding Minterest in general and get a glimpse of what we do.

Next, we have our Co-Founder and COO, Ronnie Chia to introduce the Minterest team.

the fintech scene borrower's journey investor's journey

Following, we had our talented client ambassadors – Rong Yao, Rick and Arnold to share with everyone the future of the financial services industry, our borrower’s journey as well as an investor’s journey on Minterest.

introducing QianNow

Last but not least, we shared about our auto invest allocation algorithm and FAQ. We also introduced our NEW consumer financing arm – QIANNOW during the presentation. We hope you have a better understanding of who Minterest is and what we do. Qiannow is commencing operations 1 June 2019 so stay tuned for new updates!

After The Presentation

After the presentation, we mingled around, and enjoyed the food and drinks!

mingling with members members' night members' night members' night members' night

Thank you to all members who came down for this event. We hope to see more of you at our next member’s night!

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